Make your charts delicious.

"If pie charts are the empty calories of data visualization, then doughnutholecharts are the sweet, satisfying filling that gives them purpose. By highlighting the central area of a donut chart, we can transform a simplistic and potentially misleading graphic into a powerful tool for communicating complex information." - Fred the Baker

Why Doughnut Hole Charts?

doughnut hole charts are like AI-powered magic! They help you show data in a way that's easy to understand, even better than pie or donut charts. It's like having a secret weapon to make your information super clear and delicious!

Classic Pie Chart

Classic Pie Chart | doughnutholecharts

Donut Chart

Donut Chart | doughnutholecharts

doughtnut hole chart



Doughnut hole charts are awesome! They're like cool stickers that show important info.

Speed | doughnutholecharts


doughnut hole charts is optimized like no other charting framework.

Flexibility | doughnutholecharts


Provides a unique way to convey any type of data.

Customizable | doughnutholecharts


Customize with colors and create a distinct visual style.

Open Source | doughnutholecharts

Open Source

This is a community maintained and donut fed project.

Developer Friendly | doughnutholecharts

Developer Friendly

doughnut hole charts supports all development framework.

Perfectly Round | doughnutholecharts

Perfectly Round

doughnut hole charts are super efficient compared to π.


Do you want to learn about an awesome way to show data?
Let me tell you about donut hole charts and why they're so cool!

Benefits | doughnut hole charts

doughnut hole charts are easier to read and understand than pie charts.

Benefits | doughnut hole charts

doughnut hole charts are quicker and easier to make than pie charts.

Benefits | doughnut hole charts

doughnut hole charts can be made all sorts of different colors and sizes.

Benefits | doughnut hole charts

doughnut hole charts can be used to show how much of something you have.

Benefits | doughnut hole charts

doughnut hole charts can be used to show how many people like different.

Benefits | doughnut hole charts

doughnut hole charts can be customized to make them look really cool!

Benefits | doughnut hole charts

doughnut hole charts are better than regular pie charts because they're more efficient.

Benefits | doughnut hole charts

doughnut hole charts are the perfect choice for showing data in a fun and engaging way!


Doughnut hole charts are perfect for showing any type of data. Want to see some examples?

Percentage breakdown of budget | doughnutholecharts

% breakdown of your quarterly budget

Distribution of sales | doughnutholecharts

Distribution of sales across different regions.

Percentage breakdown if time | doughnutholecharts

% breakdown of time spent on creating charts.

Composition of a population | doughnutholecharts

Composition of a population basis

Budget allocation breakdown  | doughnutholecharts

Budget allocation breakdown for projects.

Composition of a population | doughnutholecharts

Total expenses for each department.

Customize to match your brand. | doughnutholecharts

Customize to match your brand.

Traffic sources aggregated by region. | doughnutholecharts

Traffic sources aggregated by region.


Have questions? We have Doughnuts!

Why did you make doughnut hole charts?

Have you ever seen a pie chart? It's like a circle cut into pieces to show different amounts of something, like how much of each kind of fruit you eat. Well, a donut chart is kind of like a pie chart, but it has a giant hole in the middle. Donut charts can be handy and are great for showing lots of different things in a fun and colorful way, but they can be tricky to read sometimes. So, to make things easier, we made doughnutholecharts. They're like special AI-powered pies made that make it easier to show data more clearly.

Aren't these just small pie charts?

No. We used AI to determine the exact center of the chart to make it space efficient and informative. Also, what else are you supposed to do with the extra middle of doughnut charts?

What kind of information can we show in a doughnut hole chart?

doughnutholecharts supports any types of data like percentages, fractions, and numbers. You can even compare multiple data sets side by side.

Why is it spelled "doughnuts" and not "donuts"?

"Well, you see, doughnuts are made out of dough - it is right there in the name! And "dough" is spelled with a "d-o-u-g-h." So when we put those two words together, we get "dough-nuts." It is like a nut made out of dough! But some people are just lazy and do not want to spell out the whole word, so they just write "donut." But we know better, do not we? We want our doughnuts to be spelled the right way!"

Why are donut hole charts better than donut charts?

Well, you see, donut charts are like regular donuts - they look yummy and delicious, but they're not very good for you. Donut hole charts, on the other hand, are like the healthy part of the donut - they're just as tasty, but much better for your data! So if you want your data to be healthy and happy, go for the donut hole chart every time!

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